The to-don’ts list of Quarantine

You already know the things that you should do while you are quarantined! But let us also talk about the things you shouldn’t do this quarantine?

Every activity that we indulge into can have a direct correlation with our psyche! Investing your time and energy on wrong things can have an adverse effect on your mood, thinking pattern and behaviour!

Here the list of things you shouldn’t do this quarantine: –

Keep your expectations realistic and don’t bash yourself too hard.

Just because social media has imposed on you to be productive, doesn’t mean you have to do so all the time! Its’s great if you are working on yourself, acquiring new skills and making the most of this time. But remember that it’s okay not to be productive all the time!

Like they said, “it’s a pandemic, not a productivity contest”.

Don’t strain yourself for not desiring to do what others are doing! It’s cool to relax, chill and sleep as per your comfort sometimes!

Don’t binge-watch

If you feel like binge-watching series on your own or with your folks, go right ahead but of course, it shouldn’t be all day – everyday deal! Avoid effortless stimulations which will eat up your time and would teach you little. Entertainment is good to keep our spirits high sometimes but too much of it will lead to feeling lethargic.

Don’t install dating apps

On normal days you may be all preoccupied with your work, meeting friends, socializing and attending events! But now that we are quarantined, it might provoke a feeling of boredom and loneliness. Don’t believe everything you ‘think’ and certainly don’t start any commitments that you cannot carry out after quarantine. Now, if you have been on dating app before quarantine and looking for something casual or serious, that’s fine! However, ask yourself what am I looking for here? am I only doing this out of boredom?

Stop the mindless scrolling and running comparisons

Having too much time in hand can be critical! Mindlessly scrolling memes only consumes your time and looking at your friend’s posts having a fun time in quarantine can throw you off balance! Remember, no one is posting their problems and defeats!

Your time is precious and you rather invest it in self-care (sleep, exercise, cook, try homemade remedies) or productivity (learn something new, brain-storm innovative ideas for your business)

Stop counting days!

You stressing about the passing days is not going to change the reality. The reality is that we are in the middle of a pandemic outbreak and it will only get over when it gets over! You overthinking and ruminating is barely profitable, henceforth take one day at a time. Focus on the things you can control instead of emphasising on the things you can’t.

Avoid self-starvation and emotional eating

Be mindful about emotional and binge eating, boredom can do that to you! It’s okay to treat yourself with snacks, just try to shift to healthier options which won’t make you regret later.

And if you are a restricting type, do not starve yourself! No, you don’t need-need to lose any pounds before the quarantine ends, you don’t require to prove anything to anyone. Instead, build healthier eating habits that you can carry on post quarantine too!

Avoid spending too much time on the news and COVID-19 updates

You already know what you need to know! Staying updated is one thing but obsessing too much about current catastrophes can bring unnecessary panic and stress into your system. We already know that the best way to fight this pandemic is to maintain social distancing, enhance our immunities and wait it out. Therefore, checking how many current cases we have right now in every three hours will not change a thing! Be well aware but be wise enough to draw the line as soon as you sense it is hampering your mental health.

Not all storms come to disrupt you, some come to clear you path” it’s all about perspective!

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